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Pantanal -Richness of bird´species

There are moore than 400 species of birds in Pantanal Wet lands. Pantanal has  138.183 km² ,(64,64% in Mato Grosso do Sul e 35,36% in Mato Grosso (J. S. V. SILVA et al, 1998).

Many species you can see at the Fazenda San Francisco  mainly at the Photo Safari, Canoeing and trails in the forest. The best season to see birds is between June and September, the dry season.

There is also special tours for bird-watchers with different arrivals.
The Bird-watching  is a very important activitie that grows a lot in the Tourims business and it helps to preserve nature and the species in dangerous.

Pantanal of Miranda: the Pantanal of Birds and Jaguars the famous "Onça-pintada"

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